Rachel Ji is a 16-year-old high school entrepreneur from New Zealand. She has established herself as a social media influencer and has been featured in Huffington Post, bizEDGE and more.

5 Simple-Tips to boost your engagement

Have you ever wondered why a facebook page with 10k likes, only have 3 likes on their posts? Or an instagram account with 10k followers only pulls in a few hundred likes? In many cases it’s due to 5 things they are doing wrong:


1) Content


This is the most important aspect to consider. Posting a blurry image with bad cropping can likely result in no likes, as people simply don’t fancy the content. Recurring themes also create consistency for your brand and give your audience something to look forward to every day. Asking your brand fans to share their ideas, information, and examples can make them feel special, valued, and more personally connected to your business.


2) Trends


It’s always helpful to jump on the bandwagon and see what is trending. For example, Burger King recently sold $2 whoppers after Joseph Parker’s win - during that day they sold 137,000 Whoppers, totalling a revenue of $274,000 in a mere day.  Another witty example of this was business’s  capitalising on the Pokemon Go trend halfway through this year.


3) Call To Action


Adding a CTA (Call To Action) is an intelligent method of getting more engagement, for example, ask questions or ask your followers to tag a friend - which exposes your content to the friend which could potentially turn into a follower. Caption posts like - “How was your day?” or “Tag someone you would take here” prompts followers to engage more with your content.


4) Timing


It can be tricky to find the optimum time to post, especially if you have a worldwide audience. It’s always good to test timing as it will differ for each audience, for example, an account targeted at moms might post at night - as they would be working during the day and only have time to check their social media at night, whereas an account targeted at teenagers, might post midday, or during the afternoon as these are times that teenagers check their feeds.

It’s also important to consider the number of posts each day, and space them out, never post 3 times right after each other - it will spam your followers. A good rule of thumb is to post once in the morning, once at lunch, and once in the afternoon so that your content is exposed to as many people as possible.


5) Paid Boosts


If you’re still struggling to get your audience engaged you need to start boosting your content, this can easily be done on facebook and instagram. Yes this is a cost, but then again – it’s also an investment.

Starting from $5 per post, simply set your target audience, your date range and the amount and you are ready to go. Over time, you can also use the statistics from your boosted posts to determine your main demographic, their interests and what topics they prefer to read. It’s useful to boost posts to determine your target audience and see which age group, gender, or shared interests gives you the best.


It’s important to consider all these key factors when growing your social media account. Engagement is far more important than the number of likes a page has, or the number of followers an account has. Because engagement converts to sales much more than followers do. Click here to schedule a time with us, to see how we can take turn your social media profiles into revenue. We manage your businesses social media with guaranteed best performing marketing strategies.


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